Three Toe Problems You Should See A Podiatrist About

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Podiatrists are doctors who care for your feet. But it is not just the heel and forefoot they care for; they also diagnose and treat ailments that affect the toes. If you are struggling with any of the following toe problems, all of which are quite common, it is a good idea to see a podiatrist.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails occur when a toenail starts growing into the skin surrounding the nail. They usually start off as a minor issue. You may notice that your nail is digging into your skin a little, or that the edges are poking you. If they are not corrected immediately, however, ingrown toenails can become a far bigger nuisance. Your toe, especially right around the nail, can become red and swollen. Then the area might become infected, which can cause the area to start producing pus. 

Ingrown nails are tough to treat on your own once they reach this point. The nail will need to be carefully trimmed back so it can grow in a healthy way going forward. You may also need an antibiotic cream, or even antibiotics, to clear any infection. A podiatrist can handle all of this.


If you ever notice that one of your toes starts to curl up or develop a permanent bend that you can't straighten, then you probably have hammertoe. This happens when one of the tendons in your toe shortens and tightens. At first, you will be able to use your fingers to straighten the toe. Then, it will remain rigid even if you do try to straighten it. 

Hammertoe can affect the way your shoes fit, and it can make running and walking painful. A podiatrist can perform a procedure in which they cut and lengthen the tendons, restoring the toe to its original state. This is a minor surgery and is usually done with just a local anesthetic.


Bunions occur when the big toe starts to bend inward, creating a calcified bump on the inside of the foot where the big toe and forefoot meet. They can get progressively worse over time. Eventually, they can cause pain while walking and make it hard to find shoes that fit.

If you see a podiatrist about your bunions early on, they can often give you a split that helps keep them from worsening. If it's already too painful to quickly remedy, surgery is often recommended.

Take good care of your feet and toes! See a podiatry clinic if you suspect you are developing any of these three common toe problems.