Consider Treatment From An Integrative Medicine Clinic For A Holistic Approach To Your Care

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If you're looking for a balanced approach to healthcare that treats your body and mind as a whole unit when you need treatment, then consider going to an integrative medicine clinic. Integrative medicine is a combination of alternative medicine and standard western medical care. 

You can receive the usual treatments provided by your family doctor, but you can also receive supportive treatments that can boost your immune system, support your general health, or treat side effects from standard treatments. Here are some types of treatments you might receive in addition to regular medical care.

Manipulative Body Treatments

An integrative medicine clinic might offer chiropractic care, massages, and other types of hands-on bodywork to treat the cause of your illness rather than just provide symptom relief. However, some treatments, such as a relaxing massage, can also help with pain relief. A nice benefit of going to an integrative medicine clinic is you can receive multiple types of treatments in the same building and have a doctor oversee all the types of care you receive.

Treatments With Nutrition

Nutrition and diet may be part of your treatment plan. The doctor might also prescribe certain supplements for your condition in addition to medications. A healthy diet might help you lose weight, avoid triggers with allergens, and help you achieve optimum health. You may undergo testing to find the best diet for you and to discover sensitivities you may have.

Alternative Treatments

The clinic may offer several types of alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, detoxification, acupressure, Reiki, cupping, aromatherapy, therapeutic touch, hypnosis, or light therapy. You might take some of these on your own, while you might need your doctor's referral for others.

Meditation And Movement Therapies

The clinic might also offer meditation classes, qigong, tai chi, and yoga. These classes can help you deal with stress and support your general health. Depending on the size of the clinic you go to, the clinic may provide a number of mind-body therapy classes as well as educational classes on nutrition and ways to build your health.

A doctor at an integrative medicine clinic can be your primary doctor or they can support the care you're receiving from a specialist, such as a cancer doctor. Integrative medicine looks at your condition as a whole so you get the best care possible.

The alternative treatments you receive at an integrative medicine clinic won't interfere with standard treatments. Instead, they are designed to assist your treatment and healing. You can also visit an integrative medicine clinic for general wellness care in addition to being treated for illnesses or injuries.

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