Clarity Counts: Improve The Accuracy Of Your Healthcare Documentation With A Medical Transcription Service

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When it comes to medical record documentation, clarity counts. Not only can it affect the quality of the healthcare a patent receives, but accurate documentation is also important for insurance billing. While many healthcare facilities rely solely on electronic documentation, having reports typed or edited by a medical transcription service provider can enhance the quality of your transcribed documentation.

Medical transcription saves you time

Healthcare professionals are busy enough without having to worry about spending lengthy amounts of time proofreading transcribed medical documentation or correcting mistakes. A medical transcription service has trained transcriptionists who have a solid knowledge of medical terminology, language, and proper punctuation. They are also knowledgeable regarding medical procedures and test results and can produce accurate medical reports, which means less time spent editing by you.

Accurate medical reports affect patient care

More important than anything, accurate patient reports give you peace of mind knowing your patients are getting the best care possible. Even the smallest error regarding a medication or health condition can be detrimental to the care your patient may receive when they visit other facilities or see other physicians. With medical records being sent to other physicians and healthcare facilities, in and out of your healthcare network, a medical transcription service works hard to make sure your patient's records are error-free and easy to read.

A transcription service can alert you to inconsistencies

Having a well-trained medical transcriptionist transcribing and editing your medical reports makes it easy for inconsistencies and errors to be addressed. A trained transcriptionist can contact you if a problem arises before the medical record enters the system or before a copy is automatically sent to a referring physician or facility. This can spare you the embarrassment of a poorly transcribed report.

Proper medical documentation can help you avoid billing errors

Accurate medical billing can help you get the proper pay for services provided. It is also important from a legal standpoint because you will have the proper documentation available to back up the services you provide for your patients. Properly transcribed reports also make it easy for the billing department to apply the proper code needed when submitting bills for services provided.

It is no secret that electronic medical records often generate reports that are less than desirable. While electronic transcription has improved over the years, it still lacks the attention of a trained professional for finding errors and having knowledge of proper punctuation and medical terminology. Hiring a medical transcription service gives you one less thing to worry about knowing your important medical record documentation is getting the attention it deserves.

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