How To Prepare For Your LASIK Surgery

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If you have decided to have LASIK surgery to correct your vision, your doctor should provide you with some instructions to prepare. Although this is a routine procedure, you may be feeling nervous about what to expect. The following tips can help you get ready for the procedure and ensure the surgery is successful. Here is what you need to know:

Provide a Full Medical History

Part of the preparation process is making sure your doctor has an accurate medical history for you. Even the smallest detail about your health can have a major impact on your outcome. Make sure you list any allergies you have, especially allergies to medication. Provide a list of medications you are currently on, and detail all the issues you have with your eyes.

Drink Plenty of Water

Making sure you are fully hydrated is important before LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery may contribute to temporary dry eye. You may also encounter dry eyes for a long period of time after the procedure. Drinking water can help ease any discomfort you may experience due to dry eyes.

Try to avoid drinking too much caffeine before your surgery. You need to be fully calm and relaxed, and caffeine has the propensity to contribute to nervousness. Too much caffeine can also cause you to become dehydrated. Also, try to avoid drinking alcohol before your surgery. Alcohol can also be dehydrating and contribute to dry eyes. In addition, you will receive an oral sedative for your surgery, which does not mix well with alcohol. When in doubt, stick to drinking water only before your surgery to avoid any issues.

Use Eye Drops

Before your surgery, the doctor will check your tear film to make sure the surgery will be safe. Some medications or other conditions can dry your tear film and make the procedure more uncomfortable. If your doctor prescribes artificial tears to help keep your tear film hydrated, be sure to use them accordingly.

Leave Your Contacts Out

If you currently wear contacts, your doctor will have you not wear them prior to your LASIK surgery. The length of time to abstain from wearing your contacts will depend on the type of lens and the material they are made from. The reason you need to stop wearing your contacts for a period of time is that they can distort the surface of the eye. The eye surface must be measured properly to ensure the surgery is a success and wearing contacts can have a negative impact when taking those measurements. 

For more information about LASIK eye surgery, contact a local opthalmologist.