Med Spa Treatments For Dimpled Fat

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Do you have some unwanted, dimpled fat along your thighs, midsection, arms, or another area? You may have assumed your only option was to have liposuction or another highly invasive procedure. Years ago, this may have been true, but it is not the case anymore. There are now a few really helpful med spa treatments designed to reduce and remove this dimpled fat. 


Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive med spa treatment for the removal of fat from the body. It works best in areas where you have pockets of fat. The procedure involves your doctor or practitioner holding a special tool against your skin in the areas where the fat is located. The tool freezes your fat cells, which causes permanent damage to them and may even kill them. In the following days, these fat cells release their fat, and it is excreted from your body.

Cryolipolysis doesn't hurt, although there can be some intense cold sensations during the procedure. The results are not immediate; they continue to progress over the weeks after the procedure. If you still have some excess, dimpled fat a month after the procedure, you can have a second round.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic wave therapy is a med spa treatment that uses sound waves to get rid of fat. It's mostly used for dimpled fat on the thighs, although your practitioner may be able to use it in other locations if needed. Your practitioner holds a device that emits a very specific frequency of sound waves against your body. The sound waves trigger a number of bodily processes that flush fat out of the fat cells. You should notice the appearance of dimpled fat decreases in the weeks after treatment. Most patients need several treatments to get the results they want. Acoustic wave therapy works best if you're also following a healthy diet and getting exercise.

Laser Treatment

Another option is to have laser therapy to help remove your dimpled fat. The laser used in this treatment is very low-powered. It basically triggers your fat cells to let go of the fat they are holding onto. Laser treatment only takes a few minutes, so you can have it during a lunch break. However, most patients do need multiple treatments to see the results they desire. Only subcutaneous fat — fat directly under the skin — can be targeted with laser treatment.

Talk to your doctor or medical practitioner to determine which of these fat removal methods are best suited for your unique needs. If you have more questions, contact a company like Regenesis MD.