Choosing A Blood Test Lab For Your Medical Practice

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For small medical clinics, it is common for them to need to perform blood tests for their clients. However, conducting a full battery of blood tests can require highly specialized equipment that small clinics may not possess. Luckily, there are blood test labs that your practice can use to ensure that it is able to provide timely and effective blood testing services for patients.

Consider The Option For Receiving Results

When your clinic needs to find a blood test lab, the method that is used for sending the results will be an important factor. There are limits to the methods that are available to these services as they will have to comply with federal regulations concerning patient privacy. Some of these services will be able to provide encrypted or otherwise highly secure options for sending these results digitally. Others may be able to overnight the results to your practice. While this may not seem like a significant factor, it can help to ensure that your practice is able to receive and process these results in an efficient manner.

Be Aware Of The Costs When Choosing A Blood Testing Lab

Providing your patients with quality diagnostic services will be a critical goal for your clinic, but you will also have to be mindful of the costs of these services as this could directly impact the revenue of profitability of your practice. For clinics that will be sending off a large number of blood samples for lab work, this is an especially important consideration as these expenses could quickly add up. Luckily, blood test labs will be able to provide you with a cost breakdown for the various testing services that they offer. This can allow you to be able to balance your needs between choosing a quality testing service and reasonable rates.

Ensure You Are Aware Of The Shipping Protocols

As with any other biological samples, it is imperative to follow the shipping protocols and regulations as closely as possible. In addition to ensuring that you are compliant with legal regulations, this will also avoid degradation of the samples. Whenever possible, it is advisable to use a specialty medical transport service as these providers will have the capabilities of safely transporting these items in a refrigerated environment. While these labs will be able to provide you with a preferred transport service, they will likely be able to accept deliveries from any licensed medical transport service.