3 Ways To Protect Your Ears When You Go Surfing

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Although surfing is a great way to get outdoors and exercise, it is not without risks. One of the greatest risks when you surf on a regular basis is damage to your ears.  You are at a greater risk of ear infection, otitis external, and exostosis. These three ear conditions can be uncomfortable and even lead to hearing loss.

Wear Ear Plugs

When you hit the waves, make sure that you have special ear plugs on hand. When surfing, you want to wear ear plugs that are made specifically for surfing. These surfer ear plugs are made to cover the entrance to your ear completely and keep water from getting into your ears as you hit the waves. Custom-fit ear plugs will also help keep your ears warm. This is important, as extended exposure to cold weather can cause your ear bones to start growing, leading to exostosis, more commonly known as surfer's ear. Surfer's ear can be benign, or it can be really painful and debilitating.

Try on ear plugs until you find one that is comfortable in your ears. You want your ear plugs to keep the water completely out of ears when you are surfing, no matter how strong the waves are. The best ear plugs are those that are custom made for your ears to ensure that they are a perfect fit.

Wear a Swimming Hood

When you go out in the water, make sure that you are keeping your ears as warm as possible. Exposure to the cold is one of the leading causes behind the most common ear issues that plague surfers.

Invest in a neoprene hood. A neoprene hood will go over your head and help keep water out of your ears, and will also help keep your ears warm. A neoprene hood should not be worn on its own; it should be paired with custom earplugs.

Use Eardrops for Surfers

Next, use ear drops that are designed for surfers and individuals who engage in water sports. You may have to get these ear drops through your ear doctor. When you surf on a regular basis, you should see your ear doctor at least twice a year for checkups to make sure that you keep your ears healthy.

Dry Your Ears When You're Done Surfing

When you get out of the water, one of the first things you should do, even before you clean and wax your board, is dry your ears. Use a towel to dry off the outside and inside of your eras. When you can, use a dryer set on low to really dry out your ears. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and alcohol to clean out and dry out your ear canals. Effectively drying your ears when you are done swimming will help further protect your ears from damage.

If you enjoy surfing, make sure that you take the time to protect your ears. Ear problems are one of the leading causes of health problems in surfers. Invest in custom-fit ear plugs, wear a neoprene hood when you hit the water, and dry your ears when you are done surfing for the day.