What Is Stem Cell Joint Therapy Used For?

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Stem cell joint therapy is a medical advancement aimed at making the body perform better and more pain-free due to a variety of illnesses, conditions, or injuries. Stem cell joint therapy involves injecting your current healthy stem cells into an area of your body where stem cells are needed, thus improving your chances of healing or dealing with a chronic pain condition more successfully.

Stem cell joint therapy is beneficial to you as it can keep you from having to have surgery to repair swollen or damaged joints (and other tissue in the body), or can help you heal more rapidly if you have recently had surgery. What is stem cell joint therapy used for? Find out here.


Do you have painful arthritis in your hands, feet, shoulder, or other areas of the body? Swollen joints make it hard to gain full mobility of your hands and feet and can make everyday living harder. Stem cell joint therapy can help your swollen, painful condition. Your doctor will inject healthy stem cells from other areas of your body into your arthritis-stricken body areas to help you find relief.

Over time, the healthy, new stem cells in your injected areas will allow your joints to repair themselves. While you undergo physical therapy and take your regular medication to reduce swelling and pain, your stem cell therapy treatments will work to restore your body as well.

Knee Injury

A knee injury can take a long time to heal. Joints and tendons in your knees can be torn from strenuous exercise, a sporting accident, or regular wear of your joints as you age. Stem cell joint therapy can help with knee pain by restoring your knee joints so they are more mobile again. With the therapy in place (and regular exercise to keep your knees limber and flexible), you will soon find you can do many of your previous activities again that your knee injury was keeping you from.


If you've recently had shoulder, knee, hip, or other major surgery that leaves your body sore and unable to use as you used to, ask your doctor about stem cell joint therapy for assistance. If you have healed enough and are a good candidate for the stem cell joint therapy, your doctor can begin treatment as soon as you are cleared for the procedures. Be sure to rest and follow your doctor's orders for proper healing even as you begin to feel more like yourself again.