Cool Things About Contact Lenses

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If you normally wear glasses and you've been thinking about getting contact lenses and giving them a try, then you'll want to learn about all the cool features and benefits they have to offer. The information offered below will serve as a great start with regards to educating yourself on some of the fantastic reasons for going through with getting yourself some contacts.

Contacts have a blue tint to them

One interesting fact about contact lenses is even the ones that are considered to be clear in color will have a light blue tint to them. This tint isn't enough to change the look of your eyes at all, but it is intended to make the lenses easier to see. This helps you to find them more easily when they are in their soaking solution, and it can even help you to find them if you should drop them.

Contacts can have built-in bifocals

If you think that you may not be a good candidate for contacts because you wear glasses that have bifocals, then you may be in for a bit of a surprise. You can now get contact lenses that also have built-in bifocals. These contacts will work much in the same way as your bifocal glasses do. You will look at something a certain way in order to see through the bifocals.

You can get prescription contacts that change the look of your eyes

Most people know they can purchase non-prescription contact lenses to change the look of their eyes. Most of the time, these are purchased for people who want to make their eyes match the look of their costume, or for those who need to change their eyes for an acting job. However, you can also get prescription contacts that change the looks of your eyes. These contact lenses can be used to change the color of your eyes or they can even change your eyes to have a very unique and dramatic look to them.

Contacts are proving to play an important role in the future of eye care

There are a lot of things in the works to use contacts as a way to measure glaucoma and even for glaucoma treatment. A smart lens is being designed that will be able to measure the pressure in someone's eye, and this can be used to determine how fast their condition is progressing. There are also contacts in the development stage that would be able to dispense glaucoma medication directly to the patient's eye for as long as a month before the contacts would need to be replaced.


Now that you know some of the different features that contact lenses can offer you, it may be easier for you to come to a conclusion on whether or not they are a good choice for you.