Assemble These Items Into A First Aid Kit For Golfing

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When you pack up your clubs and head to your local golf course for a day on the links, sustaining an injury might not even cross your mind. And, while it's true that most rounds of golf end without incident, there's also a risk that you could hurt yourself in a number of different ways. You'll feel more confident if you make sure that your golf bag includes a simple first aid kit. You can buy the appropriate items and assemble a small kit that can easily fit into your bag and be left there in case you ever need it. Here are some essential items for this kit.

Disinfectant Wipes And Bandages

One of the more minor injuries that you can sustain while playing golf is a painful blister. This skin condition can develop on your hands as a result of gripping your club, or blisters can develop on your feet due to poorly fitting shoes. You can fix the problem by cleaning the blister with a disinfectant wipe and then covering it with a small bandage. This will provide a temporary fix until you can look for a permanent solution, such as buying a better-fitting golf glove or better-fitting shoes.

Ankle Brace

When you're playing golf, you can occasionally twist your ankle. This can occur when you're walking through the rough after an errant tee shot, as the ground can be unpredictable and holes can be hidden by long grass. Keeping an ankle brace in your first aid kit can help if you sustain this injury. This brace, which you can easily find at most pharmacies, will provide stability for your ankle and foot. This is ideal if the injury is only minor and you wish to keep playing, or if it's severe enough to make you quit your game, and you have a long walk back to the parking lot.

Insect Bite Remedy

It's also possible to get stung or bitten by an insect when you're playing golf. This can occur virtually anywhere on the course but may be more common when you're in the rough — and potentially close to an insect's nest in a tree. You don't need to let a bite or sting ruin your day. Instead, you can treat the area topically with an insect bite remedy. There are many products that fit this description, and many consist of a pen-shaped device full of ointment or gel that will ease the pain and itching on your skin.