Pull It Or Fix It: Exploring Your Options With A Bad Tooth

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Whether you're in pain or it is starting to crumble, you may wonder what your options are. With a bad tooth you have two main options: pull it or fix it. Which is the better option for your needs?

When to Fix a Bad Tooth

Tooth extraction is painful for a more prolonged time than if you fixed the tooth. In the majority of cases, dentists will recommend fixing a tooth, whether through a filling, crown, or even a root canal.

Fixing the tooth means that the teeth around it will still have support, reducing the chance of other teeth failing and needing repaired or removed. Once the numbing agent wears off, the pain usually stops. There may be some minor discomfort as you get used to the shaping of the filling or crown, but this isn't painful like getting used to an open wound in the gum.

Even teeth with dying nerves or damaged pulp can be repaired in many cases. This is through a root canal, which 76% of people in an AAE survey said they would rather do.

The treatments are day ones and you can usually be straight back to work hours after the dental work. It will also be more affordable for many people, since there is no need to go through replacement surgeries or work afterwards.

When to Pull a Bad Tooth

There are times that extraction is the only option. This is usually for a tooth that has been damaged beyond repair. It can also be the only option if a repair job has failed, whether due to crumbling or further decay.

Another time that tooth extraction is needed is when the mouth is overcrowded. One tooth may need to be taken out to allow the others to fit perfectly in the mouth.

If your gums have suffered severe periodontal disease, you may find that removal is a better option. This is because the jaw can't support the tooth, so it will become lose and may fall out on its own.

When you opt for tooth extraction, you can then look into dentures, false teeth, and implants. You will need to discuss the best option for you with your dentist.

Will you pull your bad tooth or fix it? There are certainly pros and cons for both, and depending on the problem you may find your options are limited. Discuss everything with your dentist (like Ashton Randall P DDS) to find out which one will work out best for your needs.