Three Skin Care Services Provided By A Day Spa That You Used To See A Dermatologist For

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Once upon a time you had to see a dermatologist to address any cosmetic or medical issues with your skin. Now, many of these same cosmetic and medical issues can be addressed in a general practitioner's office or even a day spa. In fact, a lot of people now prefer going to a day spa for these skin care services, because they can feel pampered and when anyone else asks where these people are going on their lunch breaks, they can answer "to a spa." Here are three skin care services you can get from a day spa over the course of your lunch break.

Mole and Skin Tag Removal

Have you got a mole or skin tag that is just obnoxious? Most of these moles and skin tags are easily removed within a few minutes, which is why day spas can offer this skin care service. Usually the area around and under the offending mole or skin tag is numbed with an anesthetic, then the area directly underneath the mole or skin tag is elevated by injecting saline underneath it. Finally, the aesthetician uses a tweezers to lift the mole or skin tag up and away from the skin while using a scalpel or other sharp instrument to cut at the stalk of the mole or skin tag. The open area is then cauterized and you get a little bandaid and are free to go.

Glycolic Peel

If you would rather reduce the size of your pores, clean them out and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, then a glycolic peel is the service you want. A thin layer of glycolic acid is applied to the skin. It sits for a few minutes and then the aesthetician gently removes the acid peel. A cooling product is massaged into the total area where the acid peel was just removed so that the new skin that has just been revealed will not be irritated, red or overly sensitive to the wind and sun outside. 

Electric Pulse Stimulation for Light Facial Lift

Sagging and drooping skin may be a sign of aging, but it typically is caused by muscles underneath the flesh that have simply given up the fight against gravity. Electric pulse stimulation reawakens the nerve bundles found in the muscles and reactivates the muscles. As a result, the muscles pull taut and the flesh over the top appears lifted and more youthful. Click here for more info about spa services.