3 Tips For Handling Your First Yoga Classes

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Regularly taking yoga classes can help with increasing flexibility and mobility. For beginners, the first classes can sometimes be more challenging than expected. To help ensure that you stay motivated and inspired enough to continue in the classes, here are a few tips. 

Choose the Right Gear

The clothes that you choose to wear to yoga classes can have an impact on how comfortable you are. During yoga, your instructor guides you through bending, twisting, and stretching your body. Because of this, you want to ensure that you wear clothing that is loose enough to allow free movement. However, you need to ensure that it is form-fitting so that the clothing does not move around too much during class. 

Look for fabrics that help to absorb sweat and keep it from your skin. If you wear a bra, skip the regular bra and opt for a sports bra. A regular bra tends to slide and can result in discomfort while doing yoga. 

Because you do not wear shoes during yoga, your feet will be exposed. If you are self-conscious about your feet, make sure they are at the point you need them to be to take your shoes off during class. Avoid putting on lotion before class because it can make your feet slide. 

Drink Water Before Class

Even though yoga might not seem that intense, you can actually build up a sweat during class. The more you sweat, the less hydrated your body is and the more likely you are to overheat. To avoid this, start drinking water a couple of hours before class. By drinking the water ahead of time, you allow your body time to absorb the water so that you stay hydrated throughout the class. 

Focus on Yourself

During class, it is important that you stay focused on yourself and the instructor. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is observing other attendees and comparing yourself to them. By comparing yourself to the other attendees, you can quickly become discouraged or try to push yourself to the point that you overextend your body. If you feel as if you are falling behind and pushing your body too far, take some time out and rest in the child's pose.

Consult with a yoga instructor to find other ways that you can make the first few sessions of a yoga class easier for yourself. The instructor can not only give you helpful pointers, but also provide the encouragement you might need to stay the course. For more details, contact a center like North Valley Medical and Yoga Center.