Three Reasons Why All Children In A Home Where Someone Has Been Molested Should Go To See A Psychologist

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Discovering that your child has been molested can be devastating news. While battling for justice, it is important to get all children living in the home the counseling they need. Many parents make the mistake of thinking that only the child that was molested needs to be counseled. That is not the case at all though. Below is a guide to help you learn a few reasons why other children in your home need to see a psychologist if you have discovered one of your children may have been molested.

The Other Children May Have Been Molested

When one child is molested in a home, there is always a chance that other children have been molested as well. Some children may feel fearful or ashamed to talk about the molestation and may not feel comfortable telling their parents about it. A counselor often has the training and skills to know how to reach children on a level that makes them feel safe and free to talk about anything that they may be dealing with in their personal life.

The Other Children May be Molesting

There are times when children are molested when they are very young and start molesting their brothers and sisters because they do not know how to handle the feelings that they have inside of them. When this happens, getting counseling can help them realize that what happened to them is wrong and what they are doing is wrong. The counselor may be able to have a child come forward about the things that they are doing to their siblings, cousins, or other children so that everything can stop as soon as possible.

The Other Children May Feel Guilt

If the children knew what was happening and were made to feel that they would be harmed if they told anyone, they may be dealing with immense guilt. When this happens, children need to be encouraged and told that they are not at fault for the situation. They may feel angry for not protecting their loved one or may feel like everything is their fault because they did not tell anyone. There are some children who feel such guilt for things that happened to their siblings that they end up trying to kill themselves to stop the feelings. Counseling can help them learn how to embrace the feelings and move on with their lives.

Neglecting to give a child the care that they need could have long-lasting repercussions. Children who are molested and do not get any help can sometimes become molesters themselves. This creates an endless cycle of molesting in a family.

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