Whiplash From A Car Accident? How To Avoid It And Treatment Options

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According to the Institute for Work and Health, 83% of people that are hit behind in a car accident can be affected by whiplash. If you develop neck pain right after the accident, or a few days after, you should see your doctor to make sure this is not the problem:

The Future of Seat Belts

Some car manufactures are designing a seat belt system to try to prevent whiplash. They are doing this by developing developing a seat belt that will gauge the distance between your car and the car in front and behind you using a type of programmed computer chip.

In the future, you may find that your car has an added car airbag in the seat belt. The airbag will be placed between the layers of fabric of the seat belt. When your car is hit, the airbag on the seat belt will go off, and prevent you from flinging forward. Right now, this is being planned for luxury cars, but in the future, you may find this option for most new cars.

Whiplash Treatment

When you see your doctor for whiplash treatment, he or she will likely tell you to use your neck as much as you can. This is so the muscles will not tighten up, which can cause you to have more pain. If the pain continues, the doctor may suggest you wear a cervical brace that goes around your neck for the few few days after the accident.

You will likely be told to use ice and heat while you are healing from this injury. Your doctor will tell you the proper procedure on how to do this. Physical therapy can help restore your range of motion, increase circulation in the neck area, and help you heal. The doctor may also ask you to see a chiropractor for spinal manipulation to restore the muscles and joints in the right position.

Even though you cannot completely avoid whiplash, you can do things to reduce your chances of it happening to you if you are ever hit from behind. One of the best ways is to make sure you always wear your seat belt, and that you are wearing it properly.

While wearing it, the belt should feel snug around your abdominal area, and never close to your neck. If you are hit from behind, your body, including your neck, will not fling forward near as much. To learn more, contact a company like Florida Personal Injury Physicians with any questions or concerns you have.