4 Conditions That Ketamine Treatment Can Help With

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Ketamine is known as an anesthetic medication that has the effective ability to block pain. In previous years, it was used during surgery. However, recently, it has been determined to be useful to fight the symptoms of various chronic pain conditions and mental illnesses. Below is a look at four different conditions that ketamine treatment can be beneficial in managing.


Depression is a grave mental illness that can take a hold on a person if it is not dealt with. It is a condition that summons various feelings of apathy and worthlessness. Depression can keep an individual from obtaining fulfillment in various aspects of his or her life and/or from participating in activities that he or she used to find enjoyment in. Ketamine has the ability to reduce the symptoms of depression, and it is generally given through an IV or a mist during a patient's therapy session.


Fibromyalgia is a very serious chronic condition that results in musculoskeletal stiffness and pain around multiple parts of an individual's body. Luckily, this chronic pain effectively responds to ketamine treatment with the drug blocking the transmission of pain through the spinal cord.


To individuals who have never experienced arthritis, they do not understand how painful this condition can be. However, individuals who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis suffer through chronic pain from the swelling of the joints that limit their range of motion and mobility. Ketamine treatments, however, can help reduce the stiffness of the joints while giving a boost of energy and improving an individual's quality of life.


Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) can be brought on from a number of situations, although most people relate PTSD with military personnel. PTSD is considered a mental illness, and it is a mental illness that stems from an individual witnessing or living through an incredibly traumatic event in their life, such as war, abuse, death, etc. While antidepressants are often used to treat PTSD, along with therapy, ketamine treatment has become a popular alternate due to the improvements that this type of treatment has been able to show. With ketamine, patients may be able to see improvements within hours or days as opposed to weeks or months.

If you suffer from any of the aforementioned conditions and you have not seen success with your existing treatment plan, you may want to talk to your physician about ketamine treatment as an alternative. For more information, reach out to a local ketamine treatment center