Three Natural Ways To Manage Fibromyalgia Symptoms

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Are you interested in taking a natural approach to fighting fibromyalgia? Read on for a few natural ways to battle this painful disease.


How could sticking needles in your skin help with pain from fibromyalgia? It may seem counterintuitive, but acupuncture has long since been used as a holistic way to relieve pain. Acupuncture stems from the idea that energy, known as qi, constantly travels throughout the body along pathways called meridians. Think of qi like a car, riding on the freeway. When traffic is light, it can get from one point to another relatively quickly. When traffic is backed up, however, the car-- or the qi-- can't complete its journey. This traffic jam manifests itself in the form of pain and illness.

Acupuncturists use needles, inserted at pressure points, to unblock the body's meridians. While acupuncture has been studied and deemed effective at treating a variety of conditions, the relationship between fibromyalgia and acupuncture has not been extensively studied. However, there is some indication that it may be beneficial for those with the condition. If you're struggling to get relief from your symptoms, it's one avenue worth considering.  


Yoga enthusiasts rave about the mental and physical benefits of regular yoga practice. From a more flexible body to a sharper, focused mind, yoga can promote a variety of positive changes throughout the body. For those with fibromyalgia, yoga may even be able to help with pain relief.

One study looked at two groups of women, both with fibromyalgia. One group took a yoga class for eight weeks, while the other group continued their normal treatment. Those participating in the yoga class experienced a significant reduction in pain levels, as well as other fibromyalgia symptoms.


Meditation is more than taking deep breaths and saying "om". Mindful meditation involves focusing squarely on the present, rather than allowing the mind to wander. The key to mindful meditation is knowing how to redirect your brain as soon as thoughts begin to pop up. Acknowledge the thought for what it is-- a distraction-- and allow yourself to set it aside for the time being. As you meditate, run through all five senses, and make a note of what you feel, hear, see, smell, and taste. Focusing on the sensations will help keep your mind on the present.

So what does a blank mind have to do with fibromyalgia relief? Regular mindful meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, which is something fibromyalgia patients tend to struggle with. Tackling the mental symptoms of fibromyalgia can help give you the strength you need to battle the physical side of the disease.

Talk to your doctor about if natural forms of treatment for fibromyalgia are right for you. For more information, you can also contact local clinics that specialize in pain management, like the Pain Treatment Center