5 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer

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As the summer months arrive, you may be concerned about whether you should spend time in the sun or not. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy the summer outdoors and protect your skin from cancer.

Make Sure Your Sunscreen isn't Expired

A lot of people think they're being smart by buying sunblock after the summer rush is over. However, you may not be aware that sunscreen has an expiration date that should be printed on the bottle, and you might be buying up a lot of sunscreen that will not be as effective when you use it. That means you may be putting your skin at risk. Before buying any sunscreen product, check out the expiration date and only buy products that will last.

Wear the Right Sunglasses

While many people protect themselves with sunscreen, they do not realize that they can develop cancerous cell growth in the eyes as well. Regular sunglasses do not provide adequate protection. Sunglasses that have UVA and UVB protection will keep your eyes safe, so be sure to only buy sunglasses that have that protection.

Avoid Tanning Beds

You might think that you're safe if you avoid the sun entirely and head to the tanning salon, but that is not correct. You can get skin cancer from a tanning bed as well due to the harmful rays you are exposed to. In fact, those who tan artificially are about 74% more likely to end up getting melanoma.

Beware of See-Through Clothing

Even though you're hot in the summer, you need to remember to protect your skin. If you can see through the clothes you're wearing, the sun's rays can penetrate that clothing. Take care to be vigilant about protecting your skin when wearing sheer clothing, and wear sunscreen underneath. This will help you avoid skin damage.

Wait to Go Out

The midday sun is the strongest, so if you want to protect yourself from the sun, it may be wise to be aware of what time it is before you head outdoors. Try to go out in the morning or late afternoon so that the sun is not beating down on you as much.

Make sure you use these suggestions to protect yourself from the sun. If you star to see unusual marks on your skin, talk to your doctor about whether you have skin cancer, so that you can get treatments as soon as possible and be healthy again. Dermatologists like TrueSkin Dermatology & Surgery, Inc. can provide you with more tips for protecting your skin.